One word: Shotcrete

95% of the pools in the States are made using this process, which consist of concrete conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a surface. This is the best method in every sense. Is faster; it allows us to make complex shapes with no need to patch; we avoid water leaks; and with it, we can easily modify the thickness, making a more even surface that leads to a successful covering.


• Is the cheapest covering.


• It flakes off fast, it only last two or three seasons.
• The repainting process is tedious because you need to sand the surface off, then clean the area with detergent, and polish imperfections.



• Elaborate designs can be accomplished using tiles.
• They are perfectly smooth.
• They last much longer than paint.
• Vivid colors that can give a water moving impression.


• The tile can come off.
• The colors are not natural.
• It constantly needs to be cleaned up.




• This style is trend.
• It is a more elegant finish.
• It adapts perfectly to the shape of you pool.
• Long term duration, its advantage over the tile is that pebble does not come off as tiles do.
• It has natural colors: It gives lake or ocean like pool.


• Its Price is higher.



Poolstruction by hidroequipos uses cutting edge technology and products of the best brands to best equip your pool.

Our equipment is ecological; we always try and find the most efficient products, saving energy and avoiding toxic chemicals.

Our equipment has to match the good quality of the design and material used.

Automation allows the client to stop worrying, letting the pool manage itself.

Managing your pool from your smart phone, is not only possible, but our area of expertise.

We teach you how to use these modern tools, and our well prepared team is available to answer any question and solve a problem if it arises.


Poolstructions does not abandon you, we give a 10 year guarantee, and two FREE months of pool maintenance to refine details and make sure that your pool it´s in is best condition, crystal clear and healthy.

Click here for more information about the service of pool maintenance. So you and your family get to enjoy all the benefits of a high Tec oasis, with a team of pool professionals at your disposition.