It Is ESSENTIAL for a pool

to remain in sanitary conditions, but correct maintenance is not just having crystal clear water. It Is also important to check the equipment, the conditions of the finish, and the functionality of its accessories.

To keep everything ship shape you need to follow these 3 steps.

Apply a product that acts upon bacteria and microorganism (chlorine) that will keep the water clean.

Regulate the acidity and alkalinity of the water (ph).

Remove solid trash that might give odd tonalities to the water.

Click to read The ABC of H2O preventive.

We found that keeping a healthy pool is

40% the use of chemicals and

60% the right equipment.

That means the more complete equipment and accessories you have, the less likely you are to spend on chemicals.

Giving your equipment the right maintenance will expand its life and improve the water quality.

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If by inattention the water in my pool is in very bad conditions, we suggest to apply corrective pool chemicals to improve your pool’s appearance from one day to the next*.

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For more information on pool maintenance, or courses on how to do your own maintenance write us at:

Parcial Maintenance:

where we provide all the material and all the help you need so that you can do it yourself.

Total maintenance:

We take complete care of your pool through programmed visits that include personalized and efficient attention, that means a full report via e-mail after each service.

VIP maintenance:

We not only take care of your pool. We also take care of water purification and the irrigation systems. 


Programed visits by our technicians in the Schedule that suits you the best.

Supervisor´s visits to corroborate our personnel’s good performance, and technical equipment revisions.

For the total and VIP maintenance, real time reports, sent to your e-mail after the pool service, with a report on your pool’s conditions, and a place where you can leave comments, that will be answered in the same report, providing a fast and personalized assistance, with an online backup* of all the comments.

Supervisor´s visits to corroborate our personnel’s good performance, and technical equipment revisions.


But that’s not all, our biggest commitment is with your safety and the environment, we will not only assure you a clean and health pool, but also that our products are eco-friendly and biodegradables. They will expand your equipment’s life and assure your well being.

We invite you to ask about our services and to choose the one that best suits your needs.


Parcial Maintenance

This is adequate for Condos and Hotels that have their own personnel to do the service, but that want to achieve the best performance and correct use of the chemicals. it Is also recommended for houses with service staff or when the owner wants to maintain it himself. It includes the supply of chemical products to your home address, condo or hotel.


We commit to supply all the material or equipment,  that we deliver once a month giving you personalized assistance, to the best use of the chemicals and equipment, free of charge.

Total Maintenance

Is ideal when you want to completely forget about the pool maintenance or you don’t have the qualified personnel to do the maintenance. This service includes all the material and manpower needed to complete the tasks with highly trained and trustworthy personnel.

VIP maintenance

it Is recommended for rental or vacation houses where PoolSolutions take full care of the pool without bothering or contacting the client. With this service you keep the pool, the irrigation system, and the water purification system in perfect conditions, and at the lowest operational* price.


Even more: If you own the proper equipment we can remote-control operate it. This is useful in case of requiring a change in the configuration settings, if the house is occupy, or to operate them in save energy mode if the house is unoccupied.
In case of not having the equipment, we can supply it.



-Occupy house mode: Everything works from 7 p.m. to 12 p.m. as lights; water heating, maximum temperature in SPA and pool; and timing of equipment as waterfalls, fountains etc.

Empty house: We enable just the basic functions, to keep your pool clean. Lights, water heating, fountains and filter is on as minimum as possible.

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