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How to Select the Perfect Sized Spa

Many clients want a pool and spa to complete the outdoor experience. A spa can be adjacent to your pool, raised, or separate from your pool; the bottom line is that people want a spa to relax and relieve stress. Spas are a beautiful pool feature that can help keep your family healthy.

Once a homeowner decides to live the pool and spa lifestyle, it is time to make a number of choices for your dream backyard oasis. The size of your pool and spa is an important thing to consider, and the choice depends on a few details: 


In most cases, space and the design will determine how big or small the spa will be. A pool professional will be able to explain the options available.  

How Many Can Fit?

The number one consideration; how many people do you want the spa to accommodate. If it is a couple, then a two-person spa is the way to go—however, most customers like a spa that can fit up to four people. Now, for larger families (six or more), a more extensive spa comes in handy.  


The average height is a little under 5 feet 4 inches tall for women, and men are about 5 feet 9 inches tall. Usually, the design of a spa is for average-sized people in mind. A standard spa is 3.5’ deep. So, a person that measures below average height may have to sit on the edge of the seat. If a person is tall, they may have a legroom problem or trouble keeping their shoulders submerged.  

Remodeling a Pool? Add a Spa!

Many homeowners add a spa as part of a pool renovation. Not only does it give year-round enjoyment, but it also helps to keep the family in tune with nature. 

Add Value to a House

We know that pools can add value to a home, but the amount may vary. On the other hand, adding features like a spa can increase the value up to 50% of the initial cost, especially if that feature complements the property.

Remember to add a spa to your pool, and don’t forget to contact Hidroequipos. Our staff is ready to design your dream oasis.

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