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Installation process of an acrylic wall

Can you imagine being able to have a transparent wall in your pool? It will be the main element of design in your pool, and it will be a unique and different pool that will stand out from the rest. But, have you ever wondered, how will it be installed? Keep reading to know the process.

Perfect measurements

Although there are standard measurements of acrylics, you can adapt to these, or have it custom made, according to your plans. According to your decision, we send it to be manufactured. We received it from the manufacturer, and it will be ready to transform your pool!

Area Selection

We will meticulously measure the area of the acrylic that goes inside the construction of the pool, to remove the protective film only from that area and apply the special materials that will join the acrylic to the pool. We will leave the film in the acrylic area that you can see in your pool so that it stays perfect.

We will proceed to apply specialized materials for it’s correct fixation and thus avoid water leaks.

Final details

Finally, we seal, remove the protective film, and clean and polish to see the final result! Without a doubt, it is an unbeatable detail that will make your pool stand out from the rest.

For more information, contact us! Hidroequipos will help you make the pool of your dreams a reality.

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